At Island Nursing and Rehab Center, we provide compassionate and highest-quality hospice care services in Holtsville to ensure comfort and compassion during a patient’s final days.

We strive to make the end of life journey as comfortable and peaceful as possible, focusing on their unique needs and choices with respect and dignity.


What is Hospice Care?

Hospice is a special type of care for people who are experiencing serious illness and are nearing end of life, most often in the last six months of life.  The goal of hospice is to provide the patient with pain relief and comfort, helping them live peacefully in their last stages of their illness. Members of the hospice team also provide assistance to family members through respite care, counseling and bereavement support, offering a safe and caring environment, allowing families to spend quality time with their loved one.

Hospice Care Services in Holtsville

At Island Nursing and Rehab, our trained, skilled, and experienced staff works closely with the family to provide premium care and support at every step. We strive to minimize the physical, mental and emotional challenges through our therapy, consultation, and personalized support.

Pain Medication Management

Our specialists develop a personalized pain management plan to reduce, manage or relieve pain to some extent. It allows the patient to relax and enjoy their time.

Nursing Services

Our nursing services are second to none in the region. We have a team of registered and skilled nurses who stay with residents 24/7 to provide robust hospice care on Long Island.

Counseling Services

In this challenging time, patients and their families need counseling to understand and cope with the circumstances. Our professional counseling provides support to move in a positive direction.

Respite Care

Our respite care services provide short-term relief to the caregivers of hospice patients to give them some rest and time to relax and refresh their bodies and mind.

Physical Therapy

We determine the patient’s capabilities of movement and provide physical therapy to assist mobility. It helps in making improvements in their life quality as much as possible.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a key component of hospice care. Through our skilled occupational intervention, we attempt to improve patient lives safely and effectively.

Speech Therapy

Hospice patients may experience speed problems. Our expert speech therapists work one-to-one with each patient to address their speech problems and overcome them.

Our Professional and Experienced Hospice Staff

As leading nursing and hospice care on Long Island, we are proud of our trained, licensed, and experienced staff. We are dedicated to making the lives of terminally ill patients functional, comfortable and peaceful. Our in-house team comprises specialist doctors, physical therapists, registered nurses, occupational and speech therapists, and many others. We provide personalized attention to each patient to help them overcome fear and lead a relaxed, fulfilled life.

Benefits of a Nonprofit Hospice Center

Non-profit rehab and nursing facilities certainly have certain advantages over for-profit organizations, including:

  • The for-profit organization works for the benefit of corporations, while non-profit nursing and rehab centers operate in the interest of patients and their families.
  • For-profit units often over-bill their patients to gain extra profits. In contrast, non-profit nursing facilities try to compensate and minimize costs to facilitate their patients.
  • The skilled nursing and other staff at for-profit facilities are often less than the requirement. On the other hand, a non-profit nursing and rehab center ensures a sufficient team to provide quality care to every patient.
  • The profit motive is above the care motive in the case of for-profit nursing facilities, while for non-profit organizations, patients hold utmost importance.

Why Island Nursing and Rehab Center for Hospice Care?

Island Nursing and Rehab Center is ranked among the leading nonprofit nursing and care facilities in the region. We are known for our compassionate care and affordable nursing, respite, rehabilitation, and hospice services. We have a team of qualified, dedicated, and experienced staff, including registered nurses, physical therapists, doctors, and other medical professionals.

Our facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to aid in patients’ therapies and helps them return to everyday life. Our nursing and rehab center is spread over acres with a beautiful landscape offering a clean, green, and peaceful environment to the residents.

Cost of Hospice Care in Holtsville

Hospice care is generally expensive if you opt for a private for-profit nursing and rehab center. At Island Nursing and Rehab Center, our professional team helps you evaluate your available insurance benefits and other things which can help lower your hospice care costs further. However, the level of care we provide to the patients and their families outweighs the fees you pay for it, and you won’t regret your decision.

Additional Services

Island Nursing and Rehab Center provides a range of specialist services, including skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and respite care. Like our hospice care, these services aim to fully serve our patients and their families with superior levels of quality care and compassion. And to help them live a happy, healthy, and satisfying life.

Hospice Care FAQs

How long does hospice last?

It's not possible to determine how long hospice care will last. It depends on the conditions and stage of the patient's disease. However, generally, patients suffering from terminal illness live for 3 to 4 weeks after their diagnosis.

Who qualifies for hospice care?

Those patients qualify for hospice care whose life expectancy is just six months or even less when the disease moves at its normal rate as determined by the patient's physician or doctor.

Does Medicare cover the cost of hospice?

Yes, Medicare does provide coverage for hospice costs, but you need to check with your Medicare insurance for the available benefits.

What is the difference between hospice care and palliative care?

The difference between palliative and hospice care is that palliative care can start with the diagnosis of the disease and the treatment. In contrast, hospice care initiates after the treatment of disease stops, and it becomes evident that the patient won't survive. The purpose of both hospice and palliative care is to provide comfort to the hospice patient.

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