At Island Nursing and Rehab Center, we are committed to providing a superior level of rehabilitative short and long-term skilled nursing care. As experienced and passionate skilled nursing professionals, we work with the utmost respect, compassion and understanding for our residents’ needs and concerns.

Our registered and licensed skilled nursing staff works one-on-one with residents and their families as well as practitioners to develop a personalized, patient-centered care plan to improve quality of life.

At our skilled nursing center in Holtsville, NY, we engage uniquely with our residents to promote their health, satisfaction, and happiness.  Through a  combination of rehabilitation therapy and old-fashioned caring, we strive to enhance the physical comfort as well as emotional well-being of all those who turn to Island for care.


What is Skilled Nursing?

Skilled nursing is a specialized treatment and care of patients’ needs that licensed nurses perform at a unique care nursing or rehabilitation facility. This care is generally available at assisted living communities, nursing homes, hospitals, and registered rehabilitation facilities like Island Nursing. Skilled nursing centers provide 24/7 assistance to the patients, including complete healthcare and daily living activities.

To determine whether you or your loved one need skilled nursing, you need to consider your or your loved one’s care needs. Nursing and Rehab Center provides the highest levels of professional nursing care that you can find in the region. It is suitable for you or your loved one if there is a requirement of round-the-clock professional care and expert assistance with routine tasks.

Our Skilled Nursing Services

Island Nursing and Rehab Center is a non-profit, fully equipped skilled nursing facility. We provide a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art healthcare and rehabilitation services. Our advanced skilled nursing services are targeted towards patients with short and long-term special care and assistance needs.

Sub-Acute Care

Sub-acute care is a skilled nursing service suitable for those recovering from a senior injury or who are critically ill. We provide quality round-the-clock care until patients stabilize and ready to move to a lower level of care or discharge.

Long-Term Care

Our long-term care services are suitable for those patients who need 24 hours supervision and hands-on care of skilled professionals but do not need the hospital’s level of care. We recommend it for patients with chronic conditions, which limit their independent living and mobility, cognitive disorders, or neurological conditions.

Wound care

At Island Nursing and Rehab Center, our expert wound care services prevent infections and help in speedy recovery with reduced scarring. Patients who have undergone surgeries need special wound care, especially if the wound does not start healing after two weeks.

Intravenous (IV) therapy

IV therapy enables quick and efficient administration of emergency drugs, pain management medication, anesthesia, nutrients, fluids, antibiotics, and other essential fluids. Our expert skilled nursing staff can administer medications through IV therapy to address various health conditions of patients.

Ostomy Care

Ostomy care is a specialized procedure that involves the creation of a stoma surgically on the abdomen. It helps in removing toxic body wastes. The stoma opens into a prosthetic ‘ostomy bag’ or ‘pouch’ outside or inside the patient’s body. Those patients who have this bag need special care to prevent infections and contamination.

Pain Management

The main goal of pain management services is to manage and remove pain sources and provide analgesia. Our skilled nursing in Holtsville, NY, has extensive experience in pain management. We strive to eliminate pain or control pain sources while providing appropriate analgesics according to the patient’s needs.


Patients who suffer from chronic or acute failure of kidneys need dialysis. This specialized medical procedure requires expert monitoring and care. Our skilled nursing staff oversee the entire process and provide personalized coordination and patient care which helps to improve the outcomes of dialysis and facilitates a speedy recovery.

Our Skilled Nursing Staff

Island Nursing and Rehab Center is proud of its trained, licensed, certified, and experienced skilled nursing staff. Our experts work closely with you or your loved one to design a personalized skilled nursing care plan that precisely addresses your treatment and healthcare needs. As staff adheres to the highest quality standards and comply with healthcare regulations, we ensure complete satisfaction and the health of our patients.

Benefits of a Nonprofit Skilled Nursing Facility

Deciding about the nursing home for your loved one is a challenging task. You want to choose the facility that provides the right level of care with compassion and personalized attention.

A research review study indicated that non-profit nursing and rehab facilities provide better care than for-profits due to better qualified and skilled staff, fewer restraints, and fewer deficiencies. Most statistical research studies determine that not-for-profit nursing and care facilities offer specific benefits in comparison to private for-profit facilities, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • A higher number of registered skilled nursing staff
  • Higher ratio of staff overall
  • Fewer total deficiencies
  • Fewer deficiencies that can cause harm to the residents
  • Higher rates of discharge
  • Lower rates of hospitalization

Island Nursing and Rehab Center is a non-profit organization that enables you to harness the benefits of not-for-profit nursing facilities. Unlike for-profit facilities that prioritize shareholders’ profits over quality care and residents, we provide you with the highest quality care, trained, licensed, and skilled nursing staff and a fully-equipped facility at affordable cost.

Why Choose Island Nursing

As an established non-profit skilled nursing facility in Holtsville, NY, we operate with many trained, certified, registered, and experienced staff. Our fully equipped facility is spread over eight acres of the beautiful landscape, which offers short and long-term nursing and rehabilitative care to patients of all ages. With the assistance of our professional and dedicated staff, we provide personalized care plans to each resident, which helps them accomplish health and functional independence. Our welcoming and comforting ambiance combined with unique recreational and innovative therapies provide patients with an enjoyable, relaxed and fun environment for a speedy recovery.

Cost of Skilled Nursing in Holtsville

Medicare provides coverage for skilled nursing following hospitalization up to 100 days if you meet its requirements. You need to check your Medicare insurance plan to know about your coverage and its requirements.

Additional Care at Island Nursing

In addition to premium skilled nursing care, we also offer rehabilitation, hospice, and respite care. The purpose of these additional services is to help you live a fully independent, healthy and happy life. We develop an individualized plan according to your unique needs that help you achieve your full potential. Through our assistance, you can take control of your life and health while maintaining your independence.

Skilled Nursing FAQs

What is the difference between a skilled nursing facility and a nursing home?

Typically, skilled nursing provides in-patient care and rehabilitation for patients who do not need long-term services by trained, qualified, and licensed staff. In contrast, a nursing home offers permanent care and custodial assistance 24/7.

What are the requirements to be in a skilled nursing facility?

To be eligible for admission to a skilled nursing facility, the patient should need rehabilitative therapy from a qualified professional daily for some time. Plus, a patient should have Medicare insurance with some days left in the period of benefit.

What should I look for in a skilled nursing facility?

A skilled nursing facility should be located within a calm and beautiful environment, fully equipped with the latest equipment, licensed and experienced staff, and provides services under Medicare insurance plans. Plus, the nursing staff should be registered, compassionate and friendly to respond to patients and their family's concerns.

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