Island Nursing and Rehab Center in Holtsville, NY, provides high-quality rehabilitation services for individuals’ short and long-term care needs. Our comprehensive rehabilitation care center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with skilled and compassionate physical, occupational and speech therapists whose shared goal is to help residents regain their prior functionality level and enhance quality of life.

Our team works together to develop a customized rehabilitation plan, closely monitoring and adjusting plans according to the progress made, ultimately helping residents to lead healthy and independent lives.



What is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation  involves a range of interventions designed specifically to reduce disability and optimize an individual’s functioning.   Through physical and/or occupational therapy, patients regain strength and independence to resume routine activities and enable meaningful participation in all aspects of life.

In-patient rehabilitation is beneficial after surgery, disease, injury, illness or decline in functionality due to aging.

At Island Nursing, we offer an individualized approach towards rehabilitation. Our highly skilled staff who assess individual’s needs for rehabilitation and design a personalized plan to address specific physical and cognitive concerns.

Our Senior Rehabilitation Services

As a leading rehab center on Long Island, Island Nursing offers a comprehensive range of senior rehabilitation services focused on maximizing functionality and independence. Our short and long-term rehab services ensure the delivery of premium quality care at every step in a healthy and comfortable environment.

We provide rehabilitation services six days a week during one-on-one treatments. We focus on the specific needs of each individual to provide targeted rehab services which produce positive outcomes.

Physical Therapy

Our trained and experienced physical therapists work with you one-to-one to understand your rehabilitation needs. We intend to improve the natural functions of your body for your health and well-being.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy is targeted towards individuals suffering from cognitive, physical, and sensory problems. With the help of our certified occupational therapists, residents can overcome their emotional, physical, and social barriers and regain independence in all aspects of their lives.

Speech Therapy

At Island Nursing, our skilled speech therapists provide life-changing care and treatment for those experiencing difficulties with speech, swallowing, eating and drinking.

Short-Term Rehab

Our short-term rehab programs help residents accomplish their optimal functional capacity. This rehab encompasses 24/7 therapeutic and medical care services to help residents recover from their surgery, illness, injury, or disease in the quickest possible time.

Long-Term Rehab

We provide quality long-term rehabilitation services to help residents maintain their life quality and independence. It is particularly effective for patients with physical or cognitive concerns and who need support for performing routine activities.

Our Committed Rehabilitation Staff

At Island Nursing, we are proud of our trained and experienced staff that adheres to best practices and highest rehab services practices and protocols. Our team works with you one-to-one to cater to your specific rehabilitation needs.

We have physicians, physical therapists, occupational and speech therapists, and licensed nurses at our rehab center in Holtsville, NY. They work as a team to implement your rehab plan and help you move on the journey to an independent and healthy life.

Benefits of a Nonprofit Rehabilitation Center

Island Nursing and Rehab Center in Holtsville, NY, is a mission-based, non-profit rehabilitation facility.  We provide the highest level of rehabilitative care and support to our residents under the supervision of skilled, compassionate and experienced staff. Our facility features innovative rehabilitation equipment and therapies to help support residents on the path to recovery.

Cost of Senior Rehabilitation Services in Holtsville

Depending on your specific rehabilitation requirements, the costs vary. If you have enrolled in the Government’s Medicaid program, you may be entitled to reimbursement of the rehab fee. In most cases, it provides coverage for inpatient rehabilitation and doesn’t cover other costs.

It’s better to check out with your medical insurance provider regarding rehab coverage. We discuss the cost of rehabilitation at the initial consultation and help you with the available insurance benefits. Our experts can work with you to consolidate insurance claims and lower your costs as much as possible.

Additional Care

In addition to our highest-quality rehabilitation care, we provide respite, hospice, and skilled nursing. All our services aim to help residents achieve maximum independence, health and improve their quality of life. We ensure to develop a custom-tailored plan for each individual to address their specific needs. This helps you enjoy better control over your health and life, safely and quickly.

Senior Rehabilitation FAQs

What is the difference between a nursing home and a rehabilitation center?

A nursing home provides nursing care and few therapies but doesn't provide intensive treatments in general. In contrast, a rehabilitation center offers a range of intensive therapies to improve the functionality and quality of your life or your loved one's life following injury, sickness or disease.

How Long Does Medicare pay for a rehab center?

Medicare pays for inpatient rehabilitation for each period of benefit for up to 100 days. To have more information about Medicare coverage and how you can get reimbursements for rehabilitation, you can check here. Or contact us to get more information.

How long do patients stay in acute rehab?

The average time a patient can spend at an acute rehab facility is about 16 days. But the stay can be up to 100 days depending on your or your loved ones' condition. Medicare provides coverage for up to 100 days for inpatient rehabilitation. You can also contact us to have more information.

What are the criteria for inpatient rehab?

To take inpatient rehab services, a patient must show one’s medical records, prescriptions and require ongoing and active multiple interventions to recover.

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